Simon Donike

Ph.D. Student

Interested in Remote Sensing, Geospatial Analysis, AI, Data Science
and everything inbetween.

Currently employed as a Ph.D. student at the Image Processing Laboratory of the University of Valencia, Spain. Working on multi-image super-resolution with diffusion models for remote sensing data, embedded in the ESA OpenSR project.



The Erasmus Mundus Copernicus Master in Digital Earth (Geodata Science Track) will provide many projects and challenges. These projects are condensed into an Academic Diary, where the progress and results will be shared. Additionally, the journal will be part of the grading process.

Dashboard Austria

An application showing the development of ICU occupancy rates during the covid pandemic for Austria was created for a CDE course. The documentation can be found in an article, press the button on the right to access the Dashboard.


This Webspace/Server also hosts a JupyterHub Server instance which can be accessed by clicking the button. Please note that the server requires authentication. If you want to access the Server but no login credentials were provided to you, please contact info@donike.net.


For hosting databases and providing web hosting services to GIS Software as well as experimenting with the technology, the server also runs a PostgreSQL instance reachable via PgAdmin. Use IP & Port from the button, as well as your login info.