Software Development – End of Term Assignment

Within the end of term assignment for the Practice of Software Development course, a KML file is created visualizing both the result of an OGC Web Map Service request as well as the parsed information from a CSV file containing tweets and their locations.
Additionally, the tweets are analysed regarding possible profanity and
visualized accordingly.

Selected Topics in Geoinformatics – Brief Statements

This blogpost gives short overviews over the topics discussed in the Selected Topics in Geoinformatics Lecture. Instead of summaries of the 10 lectures, brief personal statements and opinions on the topics are given by outlining my personal take-home message from the lectures.

Data Model of (Spatial) Database

Imagining a relational database for a public bus operator, conceptual and logical databases model are created. The goal is to visualize the entities and their relationships within this scenario.

Sen2Cube Model Builder

Using the Sen2Cube semantic query model builder, reductions over both space and time are performed on a semantic cube in order to analyse the average cloud coverage both as an image with pixel based information as well as graphs showing the change over time.

Solar Radiation Energy Analysis

Introduction This assignment deals with an analysis of solar radiation intensity. Since solar power is more in demand than ever due to the increasing demand for renewable energy, suitable locations  have to be found. In order to find those locations, the terrain angle, exposition, shadows cast by sourrounding objects or terrain and the solar azimuth […]

Visibility and Viewshed Analysis

In this project, an imaginary high-rise hotel building proposal is analysed regarding it’s visual impact on the city of Salzburg. Viewshed analysis and Line-of-Sight Analysis are performed.

Managing Roles in PostgreSQL

In this exercise, some role managing and security operations are performed. Roles are created, given permissions and view queries created that allow managing the restriction of information within a database.

Surface Runoff Analysis

In this post, the Neubach catchment area is analyzed again, this time focusing on surface runoff parameters such as flow lengths, flow accumulations and runoff times.