Regression – Gradient Descent Algorithm

The following notebook performs simple and multivariate linear regression for an air pollution dataset, comparing the results of a maximum-likelihood regression with a manual gradient descent implementation.

Crop Detection – Zindi ML Challenge

Hosted on the Zindi Data Science and Machine Learning platform, the “Radiant Earth Spot the Crop Challenge” challenges participants to correctly predict the type of crop grown on fields in South Africa, based on Sentinel 2 imagery.

Binary Mathematical Morphology

In this image processing class, some exercises were completed in (Binary) Mathematical Morphology. The used methods are erosion, dilation, opening, closing as well as skeletonize and convex hull. The binary image in this case is a geotiff representing sealed surfaces (1) or unsealed surfaces (0) in the Golf of Benin, spanning Togo, Benin and Nigeria

ESRI IP Student of the Year Award!

Big thanks to Professors Josef Strobl, Stefan Lang, Dirk Tiede, Barbara Hofer and the whole Board of Professors at ZGIS for granting me the “Outstanding Student of the Year” Award by ESRIs Innovation Program.

Crop Yield Prediction – AGIT2021 Presentation

For the EO4GEO Summer School, a project on predicting maize crop yield in Kenya using time series data and a random forest was completed. Our work was presented at the AGIT2021 conference.